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United States
Digital Animation major at Middle Tennessee State University. If I put out a piece of art on this, it's a miracle.
I do streams, and I'm on Steam (TopGunVidya)
Follow me on Twitter (I heavily encourage this): @anthonyfilipas

Operating System: OS X Mavericks, Windows 7 x64, Ubuntu
Games: Metal Gear Solid, Metroid, Super Mario, Pikmin, Wonderful 101, Shin Megami Tensei, Catherine, Gravity Rush, Monster Hunter, Legend of Zelda
  • Mood: Tired
  • Playing: I wish I was playing video games. ;_;
  • Drinking: Water
So yeah.
I'm alive. No OC coming out from me lately, huh? Some dude contracted me out to make him a minimalist shirt for his friend's birthday and that was well over a month ago. It won't be shared here though. Other than that...yeah I have nothing much to post on here anymore. 

Well- I could post some photography but I don't want to be THAT guy who is an amateur but thinks he is some elitist photographer, watermarks and filters up the ass. "Yeah how about $300 an hour for a session with my P&S camera!". Anyway. I don't know, I'm just tired. I've nothing but school work to do that I am lacking out on the social life thing. But I digress.

Minimalism is dying or just dead now. Anyone with Illustrator now is just taking an image, clicking on the Livetrace button and then "HEY LOOK WHAT I MADE GUYS ITS SO CREATIVE AND I PUT HOURS INTO IT". Do you guys know how long it took me to do that Zone of the Enders one? Over a month. Well, time put since creation over a month, but a good solid 4 days of working on it for a hour or so or more. Have any of you actually image searched your own work? Strange shit. Like my Ni no Kuni ones are used by some Italian YouTuber with several thousand views, others are on some random wallpaper website nobody's heard of and most of the time some forum member posted it. I know some dude posted my Simian Santa and Doc Croc walls up. That was hilarious. Luckily I've been credited for it.

Oh you know, I might make some Nichijou walls. Just a thought. Go watch that show.

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How do you go about making your wallpapers in Illustrator?
I haven't used IL for long and was wondering how these are created.
What I do is open Illustrator, open my source image in a 1920 x 1080 window and then duplicate the image layer. The top layer is what I use as a reference, but the bottom layer is what I actually work on.

With the bottom layer selected, I take samples of color from the image that I want to use as the base. Then I do a fine outline with the Pen tool, no stroke, but the fill being the color I selected. The rest is basically repeat with the different colors of the object. It's time consuming work, but fun. If you wind up selecting the top layer and start working on it, you'll know since it becomes visible. I generally hide all vector work until the fine details need to be done such as connecting surfaces. Master the Pen tool, that's all I can really say.

Then I just save the image via "save for web" as a PNG since JPG will have artifacts.
Did you do any other Persona Wallpapers? I had a Souji one that looked like your art style that I found on tumblr. I found you while looking for it, but it's not here. Not sure if there was just another person who did minimalist designs or if you have some unposted, but I'd love to know.
The only one's that I have made are in the Gallery. I'm yet to make some more. The person you are talking about is my friend Orpheus since he was the one who made this: [link]

I haven't made any more P4/P3 walls in a long time. But keep checking for more later on.
That is the one I was looking for! Thank you so much.
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Kerorarin Feb 7, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Love the wallpapers, and the username! Keep up the awesome work~
Thanks! I appreciate the support and feedback!
Dude, I really love your minimalist wallpapers.
Hope to see the Yukiko one come out soon to change my PS3 wallpaper (just changed to the Igor one)

Keep up with the awesome job.
Hey thanks for that! I was beginning to worry all these walls weren't getting to an audience, glad to see people appreciate them.

If you have an image of Yukiko in mind I could make the wallpaper out of it, just send it via imgur and I can get started!
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